Weekly Tax Brief - 26 November 2015 - Autumn Statement proposals you may have missed

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Now the Chancellor’s Red Box has closed for the final time this year, we take a more detailed look at Autumn Statement 2015…

Stamp duty changes favour large buy-to-let portfolios

26 November 2015

There was a shock in store for landlords in the Autumn Statement as the Chancellor announced a three per cent stamp duty land tax surcharge on buy-to-let properties. But as ever the devil’s in the detail. On closer inspection it seems that landlords with smaller portfolios could shift their focus to Scotland, while it may be ‘business as usual’ for those with a large number of properties south of the Border – including funds and corporate bodies backed by overseas money.

RIP to tax returns as digital makes its grand entrance

26 November 2015

So we didn’t get the nitty-gritty detail that we wanted, but the Chancellor made it very clear that plans to move taxpayers to an entirely digital service are well underway.

Cash is no longer king...

26 November 2015

There was a time when cash was king, but it seems the Chancellor maybe wants its reign to end for good.

How do the Autumn Statement measures affect Scotland?

26 November 2015

Scottish taxpayers could be forgiven for being a little confused about the Autumn Statement as a number of the announced measures won’t affect Scotland in the same way as the rest of the UK.