Weekly tax brief - 24 February 2016

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments. This week, we have a distinct pensions flavour…

Pensions, taxes and the death of certainty

24 February 2016

Could the tax-free lump sum end up an early casualty in the ‘battle of the pensions?

And they're off ! The Budget and pensions grand national

24 February 2016

With yet more changes expected to pensions in the Budget, which one will fall at the first and which will make it across the line? Or can we expect a photo finish? One thing’s for certain, as we enter the final furlong before the Budget, it really could be anyone’s race…

Could 'PISA' be the answer to the pensions problem?

24 February 2016

There have been many changes to pensions over the last few years, and the bad news is that there’s even more to come. So could the PISA be the answer to all our problems?

Well in advance assurance

24 February 2016

To help investors take advantage tax reliefs under the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes, HMRC operates an advance assurance procedure to confirm whether the reliefs will be available. But HMRC delays now prevent companies following their business plans to take advantage of time-critical opportunities.