Weekly tax brief - 2 March 2016

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments…

Chancellor’s choices: more tax, faster collection or both?

02 March 2016

With the referendum on the UK’s EU membership now set for 23 June, the Chancellor is coming under increasing pressure not to rock the boat with more tax hikes on Budget day. So what else might he do to collect extra tax, and could the self-employed be in his sights? £6bn says yes they might be.

Cracking the 2016/17 PAYE codes is a job for Bletchley Park

02 March 2016

Many company owners and directors could soon find themselves with a new tax code as a result of the introduction of the new dividend tax. So is this the latest wheeze by HMRC to collect more tax upfront? You bet it is. We explain what you can do about it.

When a tax return isn't really a tax return

02 March 2016

A recent report from the tax tribunal has revealed that every year some 350,000 returns are submitted by individuals on a purely voluntary basis – largely by PAYE taxpayers who want to obtain a tax refund. However a recent tribunal decision has decided that in fact a voluntary tax return is not in fact a “real” tax return at all.

Has Ofcom forgotten to tell the tax man something?

02 March 2016

Last week Ofcom published its long-awaited report on improving telecoms quality and coverage. It acknowledges that many people - especially in rural areas - suffer from poor quality broadband service, and pledged that all UK consumers will have access to fast, reliable broadband services over the next ten years. But that’s six years longer than the implementation of HMRC's Digital Roadmap. What will happen to those people who are ‘digitally excluded’ and unable to meet their tax obligations?

How do you build common sense into the tax system?

02 March 2016

A recent case in which a local 5-a-side football league in Scotland was fined after getting into a muddle with its PAYE filing highlights the lack of common sense in the current tax system.