Weekly Tax Brief -1 July 2015

With the Budget only a week away, in this edition of RSM’s Tax Brief we look at what could be announced on July 8th…

Summer Budget 2015 - a budget for business?

01 July 2015

With the UK corporation tax rate now set firmly at 20 per cent, the scope for a further rate for reduction is so small as to be non-existent. Equally, a low corporate tax rate reduces the effectiveness of new tax reliefs to achieve particular economic effects.

Summer Budget 2015 - what lies in store for individuals?

01 July 2015

Without the shackles of a Coalition partner, it’s possible the Conservatives may introduce some unpopular measures in this Budget, in the hope that any outrage will die down long before another Election.

Summer Budget 2015 - adminstration of taxes

01 July 2015

The Chancellor is expected to take a tougher stance on tax avoidance, with potentially more criminal sanctions and greater tax transparency announced. This might be welcomed by the general public, but could these moves pose a wider threat to taxpayers?

Summer Budget 2015 so what else might we see in the Budget

01 July 2015

And finally, a list of measures that have previously been announced, and could very well make an appearance when the Chancellor makes his speech next week…

Scottish taxes and the price of oil

01 July 2015

Last week saw Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, comment that he expects the new powers that are contained within the Smith Commission report currently contained within the Scotland Bill making its way through Westminster, to be concluded within the next parliament and before next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.