Utilising the Good Work Plan for effective corporate governance

Introduced by the Government in December 2018, the Good Work Plan was developed in response to the Taylor Review, which highlighted the need for workers to have a voice. The main focus of the Good Work Plan was to improve the UK labour market, with an emphasis of ensuring workers can access fair and decent work, with realistic scope for development and fulfilment. 

The Taylor Review commented on modern working practices in the UK, highlighting the need for both the employee and employer to have the necessary clarity when understanding the employment relationship, and enforcement systems are to be fair and fit for purpose. Most prominently, the Good Work Plan makes clear that the workforce is more important than it ever has been, therefore deserves to be treated as such.  

Managing the people risk across an organisation has to form part of any response to corporate governance. People are arguably the biggest influence on culture, and ethical behaviours and compliance must also be considered in the context of other measures that have been introduced; such as the Good Work Plan and Modern Industrial Strategy. These plans have been designed to work toward delivering fair and decent work, clarity in employment law and engaged workforces.

Utilising the Good Work Plan for effective corporate governance

The main focus points for the Good Work Plan are:

  • more clarity on employment status;
  • extension of the right to written particulars to all workers;
  • extension of the right to a payslip;
  • right for all workers to request a 'more stable' contract;
  • making it easier to show continuity of service;
  • new protections for gig economy workers;
  • holiday rights and working time for seasonal, casual and zero hours workers;
  • protections for agency workers;
  • enforcement of vulnerable workers' rights to holiday pay, sick pay and wider review of statutory sick pay; and
  • enforcement of tribunal awards and increasing tribunal fines for employers.

For advice on how to put the Good Work Plan into practice, contact Hannah Gibson-Patel.

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