Coronavirus: Your technology considerations

Pressures on technology will only increase as more people begin to work from home, self-isolate and need to communicate via conference and video calling. Do not overlook the measures organisations will need to implement to ensure that networks and cyber defences will remain robust enough. 

Are you used to having people working from home? 

  • Even if you are, review working from home policies to ensure they are fit for purpose. 
  • Assess whether your IT infrastructure can support an increase in staff working from home. 
  • Ask staff to test connectivity from home to ensure that will be able to work effectively. 
  • Deliver refreshed cyber security and data privacy awareness training. 
  • Review data backup policy and arrangements. 
  • Establish a ‘hotline’ for staff and clients to escalate concerns and IT issues. 
  • Encourage staff to take laptops home at the end of the day, but support this with refreshed training on their responsibilities for keeping data safe. 

Cybercriminals thrive during uncertainty – make sure you stay ahead of the current challenges.

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Sheila Pancholi Sheila Pancholi