Tax voice - October 2016

Welcome to October's edition of tax voice, a monthly round-up of the most important tax news.

HMRC opens Worldwide Disclosure Facility

07 October 2016

HMRC urges taxpayers with offshore interests to review their affairs before swinging penalties take effect for failing to correct errors.

Recent employment tax consultations

07 October 2016

HMRC’s recent consultation documents on employment taxes will have wide ranging implications for employers.

Where are we with the abolition of the personal tax return and the move to a digital tax age?

07 October 2016

The announcement of the abolition of the annual tax return made in the 2015 Budget speech caused quite some consternation and surprise. Not quite to the level that tax practitioners started worrying whether they would be out of work in the usually frantic months of December and January, but certainly to the extent of wondering what would replace the soon to be dearly departed tax return.

Apple vs Ireland? US vs EU

07 October 2016

The European Commission ordered Ireland to collect €13bn tax from Apple. The announcement grabbed headlines, but what happens next?