Tax voice May 2016

Welcome to this month's edition of tax voice, a monthly round-up of the most important tax news.

A new relief for investors

12 May 2016

A new form of capital gains tax relief is now available to investors to operate alongside the existing entrepreneurs’ relief.

Passing your company into safe hands

12 May 2016

Ready to retire but not sure how to find a purchaser to look after what you have built up? Have a look at employee ownership.

Modernising VAT in the EU

12 May 2016

Although no immediate action is required, the European Commission’s Action Plan on VAT gives a direction of travel on accounting and reporting of VAT on intra-community supplies.

Employers face increased costs

12 May 2016

The national living wage and the forthcoming apprenticeship levy may force employers to budget more carefully in the future

International tax reform - are we there yet?

12 May 2016

The Government claims to be tough on tax avoidance – but is the law changing or is this just political posturing?