Tax voice June 2016

Welcome to this month's edition of tax voice, a monthly round-up of the most important tax news.

The bank of mum and dad

16 June 2016

Helping children to get on the property ladder may seem straightforward, but the tax and legal implications need careful thought if unexpected tax problems are to be avoided.

Non-dom tax changes – is it time to leave the UK?

16 June 2016

Non-dom tax changes, media scrutiny of 'offshore' assets, Brexit, uncertainty over tax rules. Is it time to leave the UK?

Widening the withholding tax net

16 June 2016

Forthcoming changes will increase the circumstances in which UK withholding tax will apply on intellectual property royalties .

Panama papers - who needs to know?

16 June 2016

Will transparency increase compliance and will the debate only end when your tax affairs are everyone else’s business?

Increased costs for public bodies

16 June 2016

Public sector organisations face substantial costs and increased regulation on engaging contractors.