Tackling an ageing workforce

According to a report produced by the House of Commons, the number of over 50s either working or available to work in the UK will grow by around one million by 2025. In contrast the Government research forecasts that there will be 300,000 fewer UK born under 30s by the same year.

The average age of manufacturing staff has climbed beyond that of the finance, retail, hospitality and construction sectors. So what can manufacturers do to ensure they retain their existing talent whilst also encouraging knowledge and skills sharing with the next generation?

  • How clear is the age profile of your organisation?
  • Do you have a strategy for encouraging knowledge sharing and work shadowing?
  • How do you ensure your employees continue to develop throughout their careers?
  • Do you know what your employees really want?
  • Would a flexible working strategy benefit your organisation? 

Our survey looked at a variety of strategies focused on staff retention and the methods that manufacturers are using to retain skills and knowledge within their organization. One of these methods is by offering flexible terms of employment. Would embedding a flexible working strategy enable you to retain the skills that are critical to your business? In our survey we found that:

Make it in manufacturing   41% of manufactures are looking to introduce flexible terms of employment
Make it in manufacturing 
 35% are looking at allowing employees to work outside 9-5
Make it in manufacturing 
 33% have no plans to increase flexible working options
Make it in manufacturing 

 28% are looking at increasing/introducing remote working

Find out how to implement these strategies by downloading our report.