Supply chain resilience

The coronavirus pandemic and Brexit have impacted the availability of key materials and components from across the globe and attention for many businesses has turned to building supply chain resilience; making supply chains as robust as possible to ensure business continuity and avoid operational disruption. 

For decades, many businesses have focussed on making their supply chains as efficient as possible, but the current uncertainty is proving a great disrupter to supply chains. Short term decision-making will profoundly influence future performance and focus might need to shift from supply chain efficiency to supply chain resilience. 

The impact of the UK’s new relationship with the EU, wider international trade friction and potential future political instability continue to loom over British businesses. Each of these factors on their own would be enough to impact a supply chain strategy; together they could be a perfect storm – or an opportunity to future proof existing supply chains.

In order to truly mitigate your supply chain risks, you must understand what they are, be able to effectively monitor them and have strategies in place to manage them if necessary.  

This article series will provide you with the foundations to do just that and will introduce you to the experts from RSM that can help you build strong and sustainable supply chain resilience. 

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Building supply chain resilience

Understanding your key supply chain risks
Understanding your supply chain risks is the first step to minimising the impact that they might have on your business. Develop your understanding of the key risks that might impact your business through a strategic review of your operations.

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Supply chain risk assessment

Monitoring your key supply chain risks
The world is changing quickly and businesses need to remain one step ahead. Regularly conducting a supply chain risk assessment will ensure minimal disruption to operations. What measures can you take and what technology is available to help you along the way?

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Supply chain risk management

Supply chain risk management – the practical steps
What practical steps can you take to mitigate supply chain risks and how can you react to disruption? We explore a few possible scenarios and the options at your disposal to put together your supply chain risk management strategy.

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