Securing new skills

Recent data suggests that the national average percentage of vacancies that are caused by skills shortages is 23 per cent but in manufacturing, this figure is around 35 per cent. With potential workers increasingly influenced by more than just salary, it is important that manufacturers find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In order to fix this problem, some manufacturers are exploring investment in automation but others are focusing their attention on appealing to new demographics.

  • How innovative are your recruitment practices?
  • Where do you tend to recruit your workers from? 
  • How diverse is the workforce that you are building?
  • Do you collaborate with other manufacturers?

Our survey found that the majority of manufactures believe their workforce is diverse however when looking at gender diversity in particular, the manufacturing sector is a long way behind other industries. Our report also found:

Make it in manufacturing 

 68% believe their workforce is diverse in terms of gender
Make it in manufacturing 

 40% believe having a diverse workforce is positive reputation management
Make it in manufacturing 

 35% believe it improves staff retention, attraction and well-being
Make it in manufacturing 

 49% have mandatory training and policies in place around diversity to enhance knowledge and awareness

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