Retail what's in store

What's in store?


What’s in store? is our survey of 250 senior UK retail executives, which found a resilient sector that’s already looking ahead with optimism and confidence to a world beyond the pandemic.


Despite some high street casualties and challenging conditions, the sector is already rebuilding and innovating. Online shopping, home working and growing consumer awareness of the social and environmental impact of their shopping habits have all permanently changed the retail landscape, and retailers are adapting quickly. 


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Retail property and footfall

Trampled footfall levels continue recovery

Confidence in the store experience surfaced during a year when High Street footfall saw a gradual recovery after a disastrous 2020. Find out why retailers should be positive about bricks and mortar.

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Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging – no time to waste

The UK Government’s introduction of a new Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) on 1 April 2022 will undoubtedly push environmental issues to the top of the retail agenda. Read on to find out how PPT works and issues that will affect retailers. 

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AR Technology article

Black Friday shopping 2030… in a metaverse?

However we define ‘Black Friday,’ it feels that the holiday shopping season has arrived in the United Kingdom. It is expected that shopping through digital channels will continue to grow. But will this be in a Metaverse and what does it means for the future of retail? 

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Customer Experience

Delivering the goods

Offering a reliable and flexible delivery service to your customers is more crucial than ever. Read to find out how to overcome logistical challenges to ensure excellence.

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Getting the most out of your data assets 

Data is critical to customer retention. Read on to see how you can get the most out of your data assets and improve both customer retention and experience. 

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Remaining Competitive

Restructuring for the future of retail

A sea change in retail rents has improved the outlook for the retail sector. Find out how businesses are restructuring to stay profitable and boost resilience.

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