R&D claimable areas by sector

Despite relief being available for both small and large companies, eligible R&D is often overlooked outside of certain activities. 

In summary, to qualify for an R&D claim, a project must be seeking to go beyond the industry status quo, or accepted scientific/technical norms. Secondly, it must also be technically challenging for the engineers or scientists trying to achieve this.

The drivers of R&D can cover many areas and can be commercial in nature. 

What are the key drivers in your sector?

How we can help

With RSM’s combination of specialised R&D tax and industry-trained experts, we can help you prepare and submit R&D claims in line with HMRC’s latest requirements. Through short discussions with senior members of the technical teams, we can quickly assess claim potential and eligibility. Our team are skilled in rapidly identifying activities and expenditure that qualify; saving you time.