Since April 2012 we have seen increased Government focus on revenue raising from owners of UK situated properties both commercial and residential. Whether the property is owned outright or through a limited company by UK resident or non-resident individuals these changes will affect how much tax is paid and when. 

A number of the measures introduced are now law, some are transitioning into law and some are proposed to be law by 2020. Budget 2018 alone introduced seven separate proposed measures which could affect property owners. 

Therefore by 2020 the tax landscape will have changed significantly from that in place back in 2012 with additional tax being payable by the unwary. The time is right therefore to consider the effects of these changes and how they can be mitigated.

Private Residence Relief - All Change

Arguably one of the most important and generous reliefs from UK capital gains tax (CGT) is the exemption available for the disposal of an individual’s home. In straight forward cases where someone owns one property which they have always lived in for the whole period of their ownership any gain arising is completely exempt from a CGT charge. However modern life is never that simple.

Tax changes the landlord’s ‘Journey’s End’?

05 August 2019

Since 2012 there has been a steady attack on the buy-to-let tax landscape. Have these tax changes meant the end of the road for buy-to-let landlords or are there actions which can mitigate their tax position?

UK property tax complexities for overseas investors

Changes in the UK and international tax landscape have meant that the UK is no longer seen as a clear choice to purchase real estate.