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Private client compass | Navigating you through the tax landscape

The UK tax system is as complex as ever before and the penalties for getting it wrong are at their most severe.

Our role at RSM is to guide you through these complex rules. Below are a range of ideas for individuals, business owners and for international clients on a number of planning opportunities that are available.

We have created a series of videos that cover some of the key ideas on how we can help you navigate your way through the tax landscape. Watch our short video below to discover why you should start thinking about your tax planning now.

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Overview of private client compass - Gary Heynes

Overview of private client compass

We are delighted to launch the latest edition of private client compass. In this year’s publication and videos we present a range of common scenarios for things like succession planning, property ownership, for people in business or for international aspects of private client.

We also highlight some of the tax and legal issues, as well as some of the reliefs and allowances which are available. Importantly, this is not a collection of solutions.

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Heather Pendleberry

Supporting children or grandchildren

Education and helping your children with a head start in life can be expensive. Discover how we can help identify the right options to help reduce these costs.

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Eugenia Campbell

Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax can significantly reduce the value of assets passed to the next generation. Find out how we can help you design an inheritance tax solution that meets your family’s goals now, it’s never too early.

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Chris Etherington

Investment wrappers

Trusts and companies can be attractive for holding personal assets, including for asset protection and succession planning. We can guide you on how best to structure your investments to meet your and your family’s future needs.

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