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Our pensions webinars are designed to keep you informed of the latest issues impacting the sector.

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Coronavirus pensions

Pension scheme governance webinar

In this webinar, we look at certain aspects of Pension Scheme Governance and suggest some actions that Trustees and their advisors might consider taking in preparation for compliance with the new Combined Code from the Pensions Regulator.

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The Pensions Regulator interview 11 May 2021

This interview discussed the introduction of new criminal powers, the new consultation on The Code and how climate change policy is affecting pension schemes. 

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Covenant assessment services

Coronavirus, TPR Annual Funding Statement and Covenant

This webinar looks into the TPR guidance regarding coronavirus, the practical steps and actions arising, and how the it impacts covenant monitoring and assessments. 

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technology consulting

Cyber risk awareness during covid-19 – pensions schemes

COVID-19 has forced organisations to shift rapidly to remote working at scale. This has had a significant impact on both IT infrastructure requirements and the attack surface. As organisations become increasingly dependent on third parties and our expectations grow regarding having data at our fingertips, we are also widening the boundary of cyber risks and threats. We look at the impact on the pensions sector and why it is much more at risk than other industries.

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Tax Voice

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS): Pension Contributions – Risk Areas

This webinar focuses on contributions and the complexities of ensuring the deduction is correct, in line with CJRS rules and that the amount claimed is right. The one question that we keep getting asked is ‘how can I be sure that I am deducting contributions under the CJRS and is the grant claim correct in respect of contributions’. We will be covering the importance of managing and continue to manage the evolving risks, what these risks are and how they can be addressed.

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DC Schemes Managing Risk – COVID 19

At this point in time, most Trustees are undoubtedly aware of their key DC priorities. However, it is important to manage and continue to monitor evolving risks.The pensions industry and TPR have produced some informative guidance around managing risks of COVID-19 and continue to do so. Trustees should keep up to date with this and seek professional input that is specific to their scheme arrangement, to fulfil their statutory duties in how best to protect members.

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Pension schemes and going concern

This webinar looks at why going concern should be on the minds of trustees, and what that means in terms of their interaction with their auditor on the subject of going concern.

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Mind the expectation gap

Are trustee boards really investing in pension scheme governance and how is risk prevention being prioritised?

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