HR outsourcing in the recruitment sector

The recruitment sector is a provider of HR outsourcing services but should recruiters consider partnering or fully outsourcing their HR function?

Recruiters are only as good as their people and outsourcing HR may not just be a question of economics, it can help mitigate risk and allow a recruiter’s management to focus on the development of the business. 

After all, poor HR decisions and processes can be time consuming and costly.

HR can often be an additional responsibility, on top of the day job, for non-HR specialists. This can lead to business risk and reactive, rather than strategic decisions being made as well as issues, such as under performance, increase of staff churn and poor morale issues. 

Also, remaining in line with HR best practice requirements can be a minefield for a recruiter, including maintaining fit-for-purpose employee handbooks, offer letters and contracts, managing personal data in line with GDPR, and keeping up to date with practical changes, such as holiday pay calculations.

RSM Integrated Services

Our HR team works closely alongside other specialist teams within RSM in order to provide a fully integrated service, including legal, payroll and tax advisors.

Whether a fully managed HR function or access to expertise when needed, HR outsourcing gives recruitment companies of all sizes access to qualified and experienced HR professionals who know what they’re doing and will be able to deal with a vast range of personnel matters quickly and effectively. In addition, they can bring impartiality to sometimes highly emotive situations, such as redundancies, grievances, disciplinaries or dismissals.

Partnering with an HR provider could therefore reduce cost, provide peace of mind and help productivity.

For more information, please get in touch with Kerri Constable or your usual RSM contact.