Offshore messenger - October 2016

Offshore messenger continues to highlight the key areas to assist offshore trustees, company directors and related professionals whose clients have UK connections.

Tax relief for UK investments

18 October 2016

Are non-UK domiciled clients and offshore trustees making the most of the reliefs to bring their untaxed offshore income and gains into the UK? Business investment relief allows foreign monies to be remitted and invested in many UK activities, including property rental without a charge to tax.

Don't ignore HMRC...

18 October 2016

There has been seismic political change in recent years, both in the UK and internationally, but one thing that has remained constant is HMRC’s desire to increase the tax take from its investigation work.

IHT on UK residential property

18 October 2016

New proposals will mean more UK property will fall within the UK inheritance tax (IHT) net from 6 April 2017.

Non-doms: watch this space

18 October 2016

Despite rumours that the EU referendum outcome would delay the reforms to taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals (non-doms) announced at the Summer Budget 2015, these are still going ahead.

Offshore trusts – plus ca change?

18 October 2016

The latest proposals on the taxation of offshore trusts mean offshore trusts may continue to be as attractive as they ever were for many non-domiciliaries (non-doms).