Non-executive directors

The role of the non-executive director is critical. All non-executive directors need to be aware of their right to challenge – and should regularly exercise that right where they think needed. Recruiting the right non-executive directors – and ensuring those appointed have the right skills to act as a critical friend - is a good first step toward effective corporate governance. Read below for more information.

What is the role of a non-executive director, or what should it be?

08 October 2019

Non-executive directors play a crucial role in challenging and holding the Board of an organisation to account. There is a specific role they should be playing and they need to be prepared. Boards also need to recognise what they should be getting from their non-executive directors. Read more here.

What red flags should non-executive directors always be alert to?

08 October 2019

Spotting and recognising red flags at Board level is the primary role of a non-executive director. Knowing what to look out for needs to be at the forefront of every Board member’s mind. Read more here for the kinds of red flag that non-executive directors should keep in mind.

How can non-executive Board members manage change and gain assurance?

08 October 2019

The capacity for and ability to change is key for organisations in a changing and complex working environment. Boards need the skills to effectively manage that change to secure a sustainable future. Read more here to understand what steps Boards should be taking to enable change and govern it effectively.