NHS Health Matters - Summer 2016

Welcome to the first edition of RSM’s quarterly health matters publication; our new healthcare sector publication covering matters of interest to the sector. In this edition we have deliberately focused on areas where our clients continue to face challenges.

To download the printable version of our health matters report, click here.

Cyber risk - are you protected?

02 August 2016

Robust cyber defences are becoming critical to effective business continuity in the healthcare sector. Is your organisation protected against cyber attacks?

Off-payroll tax changes impacting the public sector

02 August 2016

We highlight the fundamental changes to the tax legislation and the key areas NHS bodies need to implement to ensure they are compliant with the new rules by April 2017.

Financial governance - are we getting the best bang for our buck?

02 August 2016

The profile of the NHS finances is at its highest level for a generation. Discover how your organisation can ensure tight financial control.

Cost Improvement Plans

02 August 2016

Discover the healthcare sector’s top tips to reinvigorate local Cost Improvement Plans and areas to seek further savings.

NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans

02 August 2016

As health and social care financial provisions look increasingly unsustainable – are the Sustainability and Transformation Plans the answer?