NHS Health Matters – Winter 2017

Welcome to the December edition of RSM’s Health Matters publication.

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Are you failing to prevent tax evasion? Get ready for going digital

14 December 2017

The new Criminal Finances Act 2017 was introduced on the 30 September 2017 and will make the NHS criminally liable if they fail to prevent tax evasion by a member of their staff or via any associated person.

Managing conflicts of interest - not just an issue for commissioners

14 December 2017

It will be critical to reduce the reliance on paper based forms and to facilitate the active management of this process considering the enhanced transparency expected by Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS provider organisations.

Procurement fraud - what to believe?

14 December 2017

One of the questions we constantly pose is ‘what is the prevalence of procurement fraud in the NHS?’ – would your organisation know the answer?

The NHS dilemma - how safe are your people?

14 December 2017

How does your board ensure that your patients remain satisfied and your reputation remains intact?

Gender pay gap reporting

14 December 2017

The Gender Pay Gap Reporting deadline is looming for all organisations – are you prepared?