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Partner, Co-Head of NHS

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Partner, Co-Head of NHS

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Can greater flexibility help attract and retain NHS doctors?
20 August 2021
Many doctors in the NHS already work flexibly. The Office for National Statistics  reports that 13 per cent of doctors in the UK work part time and an additional 40 per cent of doctors have other flexible working arrangements, though this opportunity has not been balanced across all grades. 
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Is the NHS still an attractive employer?
23 July 2021
With the spotlight placed on pay rises across the NHS, and an ongoing debate about whether staff are rewarded appropriately, how can the organisation recruit staff effectively?
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Governance, risk and compliance

Leases: the public sector and IFRS 16
1 July 2022
The IFRS 16 principles are becoming effective for most public sector entities in the current financial year. The Government Financial Reporting Manual (‘FReM’) now requires the implementation of IFRS 16, the IFRS that requires leases to be brought on balance sheet. Our latest financial reporting insight article discusses the impact of IFRS 16 on the public sector and what you need to consider. 
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Global Healthcare
21 June 2022
In this briefing we look at some global healthcare trends that are driving change in the healthcare sector and some considerations for healthcare leaders to use these trends to shape the debate on navigating the post-pandemic world.
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Integrated Care Systems – collaboration at place virtual workshop briefing
27 April 2022
Collaboration at place will be a key component of system working, being one way in which partners work together to plan, deliver and transform services. Our virtual workshop held on 9 March was on the topic of collaboration at place, discover what the discussion explored.
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Are you looking for VAT relief on your supply of staff?
28 May 2021
VAT relief for supply of staff is a complex area. We summarised the key VAT issues and considerations for recruiters and employers in the private and public sector.
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IR35 - The impact to the public sector
30 July 2019
Legislation included in the Finance Act 2020 has confirmed the introduction of reforms to the off-payroll working rules from 6 April 2021 (commonly known as IR35). This will introduce additional obligations over and above the existing off-payroll rules that apply in the public sector.
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Health Matters virtual series: Flexible Workers – recruitment, rostering and retention

Our Health Matters panel discussion explored best practice on how Trusts can maximise their e-rostering arrangements while ensuring safe staffing, efficient use of resource and meeting patient needs. We also looked at the associated human, tax and legal issues regarding the use of flexible workers.

Health matters

ICS workshop video series 

In this webinar series, we will share insights, discuss developments and challenges of Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s).

Health matters

Brexit – Managing the impact for NHS Trusts 

In this webinar will give you an overview of the important changes arising as a result of Brexit, how you should manage the new processes within your NHS Trust and what RSM can do to help. 


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Technology, data and innovation

Breaking down health inequalities, one ‘place’ at a time
28 September 2022
The introduction of 42 integrated care systems (ICSs) is the biggest organisational change in health and social care in the last decade. We explore the importance of developing analytics capabilities that support and enable place-based and local action on inequalities.

Home First and searching for the ‘single version of the truth’: why good outcomes start with good data
31 March 2022
Timely and appropriate discharge of patients from hospital to home has long been recognised in health and care policy and practice, but has seen more focus through the coronavirus pandemic. Our work on evaluating the impact of discharge to assess (D2A), has highlighted the importance of national guidance and funding for hospital discharge.
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Using data to drive personalised care better patient outcomes and reduce costs
23 July 2021
The pandemic means the NHS has had its most challenging and transformative year ever. 2020 saw a combined effort and joined up ways of working between health and social care organisations and the supporting ecosystem of private and public sector organisations to fight coronavirus.
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GPs and medical practices

Understanding your NHS Pension and issues for GPs
31 August 2022
We recently hosted an update webinar on the NHS Pension Scheme. James Gransby and Adrian (Adie) Cousens from RSM’s Healthcare team were joined by Paul Gordon, a financial adviser from Sanlam Wealth with specialist knowledge of the NHS Pension Scheme.
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The Social Care Levy – what could it mean for GP practices?
29 October 2021
Our medical practices specialist, James Gransby, advises on the impact of the Social Care Levy for GP practices.
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Final pay controls: Good news for many GP practices
28 October 2021
Is a change in final pay controls legislation for GPs good news? Our medical practices specialist, James Gransby, comments.
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A tight deadline and a resurrection – the £150,000 earnings declaration is back
27 October 2021
Our medical practices specialist, James Gransby, comments on the reporting obligations for the earnings declaration for GPs.
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For a GP partner, is it more tax efficient to buy an electric car?
27 October 2021
Is it more tax efficient for a GP partner to buy an electric car? Read more to find out current rules and examples on where you could benefit.
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Government review of NHS pensions – what are the options?
7 January 2021
The Conservatives pledged in their election manifesto that they would take measures to address the NHS pensions crisis. Read on to find out more about the options available.
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NHS GP Files

Are you thinking about becoming a GP partner?

The financial implications of becoming a partner in a GP practice can be daunting. Watch our video series 'New to GP partnership' to help you navigate the challenges. 

Health matters

Should primary care networks form limited companies? 

In this podcast, James Gransby, Partner, joins The General Practice Podcast to discuss the pros and cons of PCN incorporations. 

Listen to the podcast here


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