Investment Health: Balancing risks and opportunities in manufacturing investment

Investment health in the manufacturing sector

Productivity remains one of the UK’s defining economic issues, especially when compared to the rest of the G7. Boosting investment would also boost growth and productivity, yet UK manufacturing investment has languished for many years. 

Our report, run in partnership with Make UK, surveyed nearly 200 business leaders in the manufacturing sector. It reveals:

  • the extent to which investment plans have been hampered over the past two years
  • the sector’s upcoming investment priorities;
  • the key factors that incentivise investment within the manufacturing sector;
  • how manufacturers prefer to finance their investments; and
  • some key principles for government to consider when designing capital investment incentives. 
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Will manufacturers make sustainability investments in 2023?

Given political turbulence and recessionary pressures, will manufacturers be able to make much-needed sustainability investments during 2023? 

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How will manufacturers finance their investments in 2023?

If manufacturers do make investments in 2023, despite recessionary pressures, how will these investments be financed? 

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Manufacturers say super deduction extension would see investment and growth

New data on investment cycles within the manufacturing industry suggests an extension of the super deduction scheme would see further investment and growth. 

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Latest changes to research and development tax incentive regimes give mixed messages to manufacturers

New data from the manufacturing industry suggests upcoming reforms to research and development tax regimes are much needed. 

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The economic outlook for the manufacturing sector - can manufacturers invest with confidence?

Latest data from the manufacturers suggests the industry plans on investing more in plant and machinery over the next two years. What impact will economic conditions have on these investment intentions?

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Investment health webinar

Balancing risks and opportunities in manufacturing investment

Jonty Bloom, Business Journalist chaired our event in which Paul Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Brompton Bicycles Limited, Giles Wilkes, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, Make UK and our industry experts spoke through the key findings of our report.

Tune in on demand to hear some practical considerations for manufacturers looking to invest more into 2023 and beyond.

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