Living with private equity

Is it worth it for me?

While private equity comes with some calculated risk attached, it is worth remembering that with risk comes reward. The risks that you calculate and take, however, are not taken in isolation. In finding the right private equity investor, you are looking for a partner with considerable experience of successfully backing a team like yours, to execute a plan, like yours. The right private equity firm for you will be able to guide and advise you as well as fund you, with the benefit of having done it before, helping you to avoid pitfalls and make informed decisions based on your expertise and their experience. 

Watch the below video to hear about the benefits of private equity from PB Jacobse, Chief Executive Officer of catering and events company, Rhubarb, who has received private equity investment since 2012. 

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Private equity

Private equity - who, what and why?

Our private equity series will help you to understand who is involved in the journey, what it is and why it could be the answer your business is looking for.  

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