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Funding and investment

Life sciences: boosting the wider economy
17 January 2022
How is the Life Science sector boosting the wider economy? Graham Bond, Co-Head of Life Sciences, argues that the life sciences sector is well placed to take advantage of the pharmaceuticals industry’s positive economic conditions.
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IPO readiness for life sciences
7 January 2022
Graham Bond, Co-Head of Life Sciences at RSM highlights the key considerations for life sciences companies when planning their IPO strategy.
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Cambridge is in pole position to attract more foreign investment in biotech
24 November 2021
Laragh Jeanroy, co-head of Life Sciences, argues that Cambridge is well placed to attract more foreign investment in biotech and life sciences.
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Bio-tech funding: A need for change?
19 October 2021
How can UK biotech hubs compete with their global equivalents? Graham Bond and Laragh Jeanroy, Life Sciences sector heads, argue the case for a change to the short-term funding approach for UK bio-techs.
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Fundraising rounds risk to R&D tax credits for life sciences businesses
16 August 2021
Regular fundraising rounds are something you quickly become used to when working with early stage spin out companies in the life sciences sector. For these businesses, the main focus is on ensuring a cash flow that remains available to support the development and commercialisation of their ideas.
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Life Sciences Health Matters

Big changes coming for R&D in the life sciences sector

With the most significant changes to research and development (R&D) since 2000, Life sciences and biotech businesses need to prepare now to avoid missing out on vital reliefs.

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Health matters

The anatomy of a listed company

Listen to Graham Bond, RSM's joint head of Life Sciences, discussing the dynamics and challenges of listing a life science company with a panel of life sciences business  leaders at the Biocap Conference 2021. 

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Technology, data and innovation

What’s in store for the Life Sciences sector in 2023?
8 February 2023
Businesses across the UK have been battling against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty, exacerbated by soaring inflation, the cost-of-living crisis and rising costs over the past year. Whilst it’s been a challenging time across the board, the life sciences industry has continued to show resilience. 
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What are the benefits of ERP for life sciences?
30 November 2021
Life sciences companies can develop complex processes and requirements as they grow, but too often they continue using entry-level software solutions. Find out more on how ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) could help your organisation.
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Health matters

An introduction to outsourcing

Listen to Gayle Davies, Partner in our Outsourcing practice, explain how outsourcing can help life sciences and biotech companies, from start-ups through to multi-national businesses.

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Governance, risk and compliance

Don’t overlook solid foundations for your early-stage life sciences business
16 August 2022
How can early-stage life sciences businesses create solid foundations for business growth? Phil Melia, life sciences specialist, explores some of the issues that early-stage life science businesses need to get right to successfully bring their science into the business environment.
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Graham Bond Graham Bond

Office Managing Partner, Chester and Liverpool, Co-Head of Life Sciences

Laragh Jeanroy Laragh Jeanroy

Office Managing Partner Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, Co-Head of Life Sciences