Employment law is constantly evolving. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve with updates on forthcoming legislative changes, consultations and important case law developments, as well as practical guidance on dealing with the impact on your workforce.

Flexible working requests - key legal considerations for employers

24 February 2023

The government recently announced it will be introducing a ‘day one’ right for all employees to request flexible working. In this article, we address the key legal considerations for employers and how they can best prepare for this change.

What legal changes should employers be preparing for in 2023?

24 January 2023

In this article, we cover the employment law reforms the government has confirmed it will support in 2023 and the actions we recommend employers should take to prepare for the changes.

Key case decisions in 2022: What are the actions for employers?

25 November 2022

There have been several employment law cases this year with important implications for employers. In this article we cover a few of the key decisions and highlight the action points for employers.

Top people issues for 2023

26 October 2022

Some of the top people concerns for 2023 include hybrid working, managing performance and redundancies. Here we cover some things employers need to consider when it comes to managing the performance of hybrid workers and the redundancy process.

Zero-hour contracts: Where are we now?

28 September 2022

Zero-hour contracts have received significant media coverage in recent years with the rise of the gig economy. Here we look at how employers should manage both regulatory compliance and the engagement of zero-hours workers.

Tipping point reached for discretionary service charges

26 July 2022

The Government has recently confirmed its support to introduce legislation obligating employers to allocate all tips to workers. Read more to find out how this change may affect your business and what you need to be doing now.

Part-year worker’s annual leave entitlement must not be pro-rated, Supreme Court rules

21 July 2022

Annual leave entitlement cannot be pro-rated for a part-year worker employed under a permanent contract, the Supreme Court has ruled. Find out how this will impact your holiday calculations if you employ workers with irregular hours on permanent contracts too.

The metaverse – how will employers manage the legal risks?

24 June 2022

The metaverse is predicted to be the next evolutionary leap forward, not only for society but also for our economy. Creating significant opportunities for employers and employees. However, opportunities don’t come without their risks.

Employment status: No further clarity any time soon

25 May 2022

Employment law still changes almost daily, but mainly by case law and so much less visible. ‘Working status’ is often covered in case law, and here our People Advisory Services’ experts cover three recent cases.

Mass redundancies – the legal requirements that must be met

29 April 2022

The topic of mass redundancies has been in the news recently. Here our employment legal team explore how mass redundancies should be handled with care.

From 6 April 2022 employees can produce digital fit notes

23 March 2022

Here we cover the changes to fit note requirements for SSP from 6 April 2022 and the other SSP changes. We also highlight things employers with a more generous sick pay may want to consider in their sickness policies.

Reasonably drafted employment contract prevents employee from working for competitor

25 March 2022

Here we look at how a solicitor was prevented from joining a competitor of her previous employer after the High Court decided that the 12 month non-compete restriction in her service agreement was enforceable.

Employers’ exposure to holiday pay liability increases

07 February 2022

In Smith v Pimlico Plumbers, the Court of Appeal has decided that a worker who was denied the right to take any paid leave could be compensated for all the unpaid leave he took throughout his employment. The impact of this is wide-reaching on employers.

The increasing cost of staff absences

26 January 2022

During the previous high infection stages of the pandemic, employers had the furlough scheme to support with their wage costs. With the ending of the furlough scheme in September 2021, the cost to business of ill health absence is now far greater.

Coronavirus: Mandatory vaccination – the employment legal issues

07 March 2022

With businesses planning a return to the office, employers may be considering their policies on vaccination. What are the legal risks of imposing compulsory vaccination?

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Returning to the workplace – employment law considerations for employers

27 June 2022

Whether on a full-time basis or on a hybrid working model, the reopening of workplaces presents challenges to employers. What employment law considerations do employers need to factor into their plans and policies?

The Hybrid working revolution – do employment contracts now need to change

27 June 2022

With the Government-mandated working from home guidance ending, many employers have seen an increase in hybrid working requests. Do you need to change your employment contracts?

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Hybrid working policies – Designing them with the employment legal risks in mind

27 June 2022

With the Government’s guidance to work home if you can being lifted from 19 July 2021. We explore some of the key employment legal risks which should be addressed in your hybrid working policy.

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Firing and rehiring – what is it and does it need further legislation to curb it?

30 April 2021

The so-called practice of hiring and firing has hit the headlines recently with a number of trade unions calling for more legislation to curb its use. So, what is it and is further legislation needed?

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Could an employer dismiss an employee during the pandemic for failing to wear a face mask?

27 June 2022

A recent tribunal has thrown into question whether an employer can dismiss an employee for failing to wear a face mask. Do your policies need updating?

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What does Brexit mean for workforce data processing obligations?

26 February 2021

In 2018 the UK implemented the GDPR under the Data Protection Act 2018. Now the UK is no longer an EU member state, does Brexit create any potential issues for employers’ workforce data processing obligations?

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Are your HR and payroll systems ready for the change to NLW for 23 and 24 year olds?

26 February 2021

From 1 April 2021, National Minimum Wage rates will increase and there will be a reduction in the age of workers eligible for the National Living Wage. How will you ensure you are compliant?

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Reactivating the workforce and returning to work – the legal considerations

27 June 2022

Since 23 March, the Government advice was simple – employees should work from home if possible. With the confusion over the new Government guidance. What should employers do?

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