Is the travel and tourism market taking modern slavery as seriously as it should be?

15 June 2018

Modern slavery is an issue all sectors should be battling – but there is considerable risk across the consumer sector because of the global nature of supply chains. With only 32 per cent of consumer organisations ensuring their supply chains are compliant with the requirements (according to our most recent research conducted by YouGov), it suggests that the industry is in danger of falling foul on several fronts.

The travel sector is one that naturally touches all areas of the globe – and with such varying international standards when it comes to working – modern slavery should be a real concern for those driving the corporate agenda. 

If different countries, and different jurisdictions have different definitions of what modern slavery is today – how can international travel companies ensure they are putting their employees first and are compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015?

Travel businesses need to have include Modern Slavery on the board agenda. The ramifications of non-compliance, can be operational, yes, but today – the damage to a brand can be both damning and costly. 

The lens through which consumers can scrutinise organisations has never been more exposing, and in an industry that is easily affected by consumer sentiment, organisations need to be proactive in managing issues that look beyond the balance sheet.

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