Does the consumer sector have a problem with equality and diversity?

15 June 2018

The rising profile of equality and diversity in the press has gained traction in recent years, and quite rightly, but the spotlight has been turned on over the last 12 months. 37 per cent of consumer businesses do not currently have mandatory equality and diversity training in place, and this begs the question – is the sector as aware of the issues it needs to be? 

Our most recent YouGov research revealed that:

  • a third of consumer organisations do not believe their workforces to be ethically or gender diverse; and 
  • sexual orientation and disability diversity were least represented in the consumer workforce.

What does this convey about the sector as a whole? Is there an underlying acceptance across consumer businesses that there is a lack of diversity? Is it a problem that’s seemed too hard to fix? Many sectors and organisations face similar challenges when it comes to equality and diversity but there are some critical best practice steps to be implemented that can combat this:

  • set the tone from the top;
  • support claims and statements with action – ensure there is adequate training; and
  • appoint diversity champions – stay ahead of expectations and industry standards.

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