Independent schools - Spring end of term report

At the time of writing the independent schools Spring report, we still await the results of the government’s green paper consultation. With an increase in educational bursary support expected to form a key part of the review, it is a good time for schools to review their bursary policy and procedures to ensure they are in good shape.

Also in this edition we continue to look at good governance and improving decision making within schools.

Download the end of term report.

The essentials of risk management

28 March 2017

We've identified the key components that will create a more dynamic environment for risk management. This will help improve your academy's risk maturity and outlook.

The changing role of the finance function

28 March 2017

Independent schools are faced with ever increasing financial challenges; discover how to create value for money within your school.

The expectation of governors

28 March 2017

Do your governors invest sufficient time in understanding your independent school?

Means tested bursaries - a good time to review

28 March 2017

With the green paper once again putting the spotlight on the need for independent schools to give more bursary support, we revisit the means testing process.

The role of audit and finance committees

28 March 2017

With little central guidance, how can independent schools make sure their committees are fit for purpose and contribute to good governance?