Human Resources

With the nature of work and employment rapidly evolving this creates new business challenges. It is important that your HR policies and procedures remain compliant and your people management practices stay up to date. Read more for practical advice on how to manage your employees effectively, as well as hot topics such as Gender Pay Gap Reporting, GDPR, and holiday pay. Along with a range of other HR matters affecting your business such as succession and workforce planning and other challenges that face your business from an HR perspective.

Christmas parties - Jingle bells not (HR) alarm bells!

30 November 2018

With three in five people experiencing work related mental health issues, training managers to foster a mental health friendly culture is crucial for better performance.

Wellbeing at work requires openness and leadership

31 October 2018

With three in five people experiencing work-related mental health issues, training managers to foster a mental health friendly culture is crucial for better performance.

Employment references – do they still have value?

31 October 2018

References have become brief and factual and their usefulness has become questioned. Read more to see how references can still be a useful tool.

Should we voluntarily report our gender pay gap figures?

28 September 2018

Although your business may not legally be required to publish your gender pay gap figures. Find out how voluntarily publishing your results can benefit your organisation.

What is a returnship?

24 July 2018

It is becoming more common for experienced professionals to take extended career breaks. What are the benefits of offering a returnship programme?

Dress codes in the workplace – what does the newly released government guidance advise?

22 June 2018

There have been several high-profile news reports which have questioned the appropriateness of dress code policies in the workplace. Read more to find out how your organisation can avoid making mistakes?

GDPR – it’s the final countdown!

18 May 2018

With less than a week until GDPR is upon us, here are some key steps that HR needs to take now towards its GDPR compliance in relation to workforce data.

GDPR and Morrisons – what can other organisations learn from this?

18 April 2018

In 2014 Morrisons supermarket suffered a serious data breach, when the payroll data of nearly 100,000 employees were posted online. In this article we look at some of the practical ways an organisation can protect themselves from an HR perspective with GDPR in mind.

Termination payments rules are changing - what does this mean for HR?

22 March 2018

Here are some practical considerations your HR team should think about with regards to employment contracts and termination payments.

HR audits create more effective and efficient working practices

16 February 2018

Work and employment law is an ever changing area, therefore it is important that policies and procedures keep up with new legislation and regulations. Read more to find out how HR audits can help create more effective working practices.

Managing staff holidays at Christmas

12 December 2017

The festive period can bring a range of HR challenges for any sized organisation. One of the main challenges is how to effectively manage annual leave. Here we look at how to ensure an organisation has sufficient cover and staff engagement is maintained.

Putting a stop to sexual harassment in the workplace

30 November 2017

Sexual harassment in the workplace has become a topic of discussion this month following a number of high profile names being subject to some intense media speculation. Read more for advice on what you, as an employer, can do to protect your workers and your reputation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – employee record keeping and beyond

10 October 2017

Here we explore how the General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) will affect employers from a HR perspective; to ensure employers are ready for the new requirements in respect of their employee data and beyond.

Cultural change - are your employees ready?

11 September 2017

Organisations often get caught up in the process of change, rather than considering the impact on their employees. Here are ways of how you can

Zero hours contracts: unfair and uncertain or great for flexibility?

17 August 2017

The use of zero hours contracts has certainly attracted press coverage recently, with high profile organisations being named as prolific users and a call within the Labour manifesto for them to be banned. We look at some recent cases involving zero hours’ and how the Government are taking steps to reduce the ambiguity surrounding the use of these contracts.

Gender pay gap reporting – the practicalities

18 May 2017

A lot of employers will be well underway with their gender pay gap reporting by now but very few have actually released their figures online. At the last count only seven of the about 9000 companies that need to comply have actually published their results.