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As work and employment rapidly evolve, new business challenges are created. It's important that your HR policies and procedures remain compliant and your people management practices stay up to date. Read more for practical advice on managing your employees effectively, as well as hot topics such as gender pay gap Reporting, diversity and inclusion and employee engagement, along with other HR matters such as succession and workforce planning.

The employer’s guide to the four-day working week

29 July 2022

Some employers believe that a four-day working week is a powerful way to shape a positive workplace. Here our employment legal and HR specialists look at the benefits and key considerations of changing to a four-day working week.

Is it time to review your whole employee value proposition?

24 June 2022

Does your employee value proposition stand up and help you towards your ESG goals? Find out more about how HR teams are best-placed to bring the social aspect of ESG alive.

The Year of Remote Working: What more can you do to help staff work from home?

24 June 2022

We look at how organisations support their workforce working remotely and ensure teams remain productive.

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Time to talk – how can we manage employee wellbeing?

24 June 2022

As the feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, it’s become essential for businesses to understand more about this area. What is your organisation doing?

People management for hybrid working

24 June 2022

Many organisations are reviewing their organisational design as a result of lesson learned during the coronavirus pandemic by both employers and employees.

Managing diversity and inclusion within your business

24 June 2021

Mental health is often misunderstood and many still find it difficult to talk about. It is not the same as mental illness, and it is important to know the difference. How can you help as an employer?

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Coronavirus and the future of the gender pay gap

25 May 2022

The pandemic has slightly widened the UK’s gender pay gap, according to recent statistics, but that’s not the whole story. Coronavirus was a setback, but not a devastating one. What can employers do now to pick up momentum again?

Bank holiday changes to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee

26 April 2022

A reminder that the normal 2022 May Spring bank holiday has been moved from Monday 30 May to Thursday 2 June. Coupled with the extra bank holiday to mark the Queen’s Jubilee on Friday 3 June. Here we cover how this change and extra day might affect holiday entitlements.

Stay interviews: a valuable tool for retention

25 March 2022

Many organisations will carry out exit interview when an employee leaves, which can provide useful information but often it is too late to do anything. Here we explore what are stay interviews and how to make them effective.

A holistic approach to menopause in the workplace

25 February 2022

Like mental health, the menopause has historically been viewed as a taboo subject in the workplace. However, as we have found with mental health, talking, understanding and taking positive action can be the key to changing people’s views and experiences for the better.

The future of pay reporting looks diverse – is your business ready?

27 January 2022

A new consultation has been launched on disability workforce reporting. This is in addition to the ethnicity pay gap reporting. It looks like the future of pay reporting will be diverse – is your business ready?

Office banter: protecting your workforce and avoiding discrimination claims

26 November 2021

'Innocent’ workplace banter has a tendency to stray into uncomfortable areas, and organisations that fail to address this early could face workforce disengagement, costly discrimination claims and, in some cases, irreparable reputational damage.

Pay Gap Reporting: Why a robust pay strategy is fundamental to success

29 October 2021

There have been calls to extend pay gap reporting to ethnicity pay reporting. Here we cover how to tackle gender pay gap proactively and how to prepare for ethnicity pay gap reporting.

Mental Health Awareness – connecting with nature to improve mental health

27 May 2021

Mental health is often misunderstood and many still find it difficult to talk about. Mental health is not the same as mental illness, and it is important to know the difference. How can you help as an employer?

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Permanent Hybrid working – Where are we now?

30 April 2021

Is it reasonable for employers to require employees to have the coronavirus vaccine? How would this affect employment contracts, policies, and data protection?

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How should employers tackle the coronavirus vaccinations

29 January 2021

With all employees potentially will be given the chance to have the vaccination in 2021. Employers should now be considering whether to issue a policy covering vaccinations and return to the workplace.

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Homeworking and GDPR recommendations for HR

25 September 2020

As the discussions regarding the benefits of homeworking continue and the option of this becoming a more permanent, longer term arrangement, HR data security must be a key consideration.

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Learning from lockdown – securing employee engagement

28 August 2020

As lockdown eases, employees and employers alike are keen to find a ‘better normal’. How can you ensure you have got the right balance of home and office working practices to keep employees engaged?

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How do you combat inequality in the workplace?

31 July 2020

In our strive for nurturing equality, it is important to understand the gap between where we are now and where we need to be. So how do you start those important conversations.

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Why gender pay gap should still be a priority despite the reporting suspension

26 June 2020

The gender pay gap reporting deadline for April 2020 has been suspended by government due to coronavirus. Find out why employers must keep this important issue on their agenda despite the suspension.

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