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How long does it take for your organisation to onboard employees or approve holiday requests, process sick leave or amend payroll records? As technology transforms the world we live in, your people have a growing expectation that you’ll be able to do this instantly. Can your analogue systems keep up? 

Think about the way digital technology is immersed in your daily world. Rarely a minute goes by without a glance at our smartphones. These devices empower us. We can access more information than ever before. We can eschew store opening times to shop 24-hours a day. And we’re no longer tied to TV schedules – we watch our favourite shows when we want. 

But while we enjoy these conveniences in our personal lives, we rarely have the same privileges in our workplaces. Too often, organisation’s people management systems are stuck in the past. Your people now use technology to apply for jobs, find answers to new questions, pay their bills and make new connections. Yet when they enter the workplace they enter a different world. 

Too many organisations still rely on clumsy paper-based systems to manage their people. The situation is so stark that employees often feel like they’re stepping back in time when they cross the company threshold. They have to wait days before they personal records can be updated, or their holiday and sick leaves requests are processed. 

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These paper-based systems create big inefficiencies across your organisation. Research suggests that senior HR professionals can spend up to 70 per cent of their time dealing with routine transactional work. This significantly reduces the time that they can spend on the management and strategic elements of their role. 

But outdated systems can also significantly affect the motivation of your people. When forms are shuffled between desks and in-trays before being uploaded by administrators, it can quickly undermine your workforce’s morale. Your people feel they have little ownership over their personal records and professional lives. And frustration can quickly set in. 

Today’s digitally savvy employees want to be able to use technology at work in the same way as they do in their personal lives. They demand the tools to book their own time off, instantly access their records and opt-in to reward and benefit options in real time. It’s critical you embed a digital people management system. When you make the right changes, your organisation and your people will enjoy considerable benefits.

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Implementing digital systems can often feel like an insurmountable task. But with the right approach – either internally or through outsourcing – it’s entirely possible to do it without huge upfront investment or workforce disruption. 

Download our new forces at work guide to find out how. 

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