Helping you respond to coronavirus

During this time of uncertainty, many organisations are prioritising how they manage their financial and people resources to maintain their business. The Government has introduced significant measures and recommendations to limit the spread of coronavirus These have serious implications for employees and employers.

From health and wellbeing to people management, as well as Government support with people costs such as the Government Job Retention Scheme (JRS), furloughing and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) to UK payroll/employment taxes and filings and global mobility issues. The last thing you need is more stress at this difficult time.

RSM’s people advisory services team can support you with these complex issues, from understanding the latest position, helping with documents and implementation to acting as a sounding board.

Our team of specialists can provide assistance in many areas, such as:

  • managing and communicating with your workforce, making sure your teams remain engaged and up to speed with what is happening;
  • advising if you can make a claim for SSP or JRS, in relation to coronavirus cases under the new Government schemes, and calculating the claims for SSP recovery or the JRS grant;
  • dealing with redundancy or furlough exercises, including assistance with works councils and unions, together with how to decide who should be selected;
  • amending processes and procedures to deal with coronavirus related matters, including contracts of employment and drafting furlough agreements;
  • using a proprietary tool developed by RSM calculating the claim from your payroll data and supplying the claim data to you in the format required for the claim portal;
  • advising how to maintain record keeping requirements with changing work patterns, including those needed to make claims under the Government schemes; and
  • processing payroll, taking on end of year compliance matters such as P11Ds and PSA’s or providing additional support if your team is unwell.

How does our tool work?

RSM has developed a tool that we can use to help you calculate claims. In order to help you make a claim, we would need to:

  • import your previous year’s data back to March 2019;
  • categorise your pay components which may include a contract review;
  • input your furloughed employees’ details i.e .furlough dates and whether they are fixed rate or variable rate employees;
  • our tool will then run furlough grant calculations, in accordance with HMRC’s guidance;
  • any exceptions will be reviewed and output will then produced;
  • we will sign off the calculations in collaboration with you, ensuring that the  output is configured to HMRC’s requirements.

Once the final output is agreed, where able you can either authorise us to make the claim on your behalf or we can provide you with the data to make the claim. 

To discuss in more detail, fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will get back to you.