Hiring pressures

Appeal to a new generation of enlightened employees.

How many times have you been disappointed with a new recruit’s performance? They impressed you during the interviews and you had high hopes when you hired them. They had a great track record and all the skills you were looking for. But a year on, they’re still not delivering. Where did it all go wrong?

Over the past decade, employees’ expectations have radically changed. They want to work for organisations that have a positive influence on their lives and on wider society. Cultural fit has become a key factor in job searches, with candidates increasingly looking for like-minded employers that share their outlook, values and motivations. 

At the same time, employees are no longer happy with identikit career paths. They are no longer only motivated by linear career paths that prioritise promotions and line management. Today’s empowered employees want opportunities to shape their career in a way that’s right for them. 

When an employee feels that they aren’t getting this in their job, or they don’t connect with your culture, they’ll struggle to excel. It doesn’t matter how much promise or enthusiasm they showed during the hiring process, if their expectations aren’t being met, they’ll never perform to their full potential. 

New forces at work warning signs someone is in the wrong job

In this new era, it’s critical you update your recruitment and people management approach. When someone is stuck in the wrong job or the wrong organisation, they can quickly suffer from stress and demotivation. As morale suffers, team conflict increases, bad feedback becomes more common and targets are missed. This will quickly weigh your organisation down. 

Yet we know that many organisations are yet to create a work environment that will appeal to this new generation of enlightened employees. RSM’s research with YouGov shows that only a minority are thinking about how to build a positive culture that supports varied career paths. Just four in ten have a talent programme to develop future leaders or encourage knowledge sharing and work shadowing. 

As the war for talent intensifies, the consequences of doing nothing should not be underestimated. Seize this opportunity to do things differently. The way you hire and manage your employees must now fundamentally change.

Find out how to refresh your people strategies and recruitment approach by downloading our new forces at work guide.

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