Higher education risk register analysis

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The higher education sector is in transition, and in many respects, experiencing one of its greatest periods of change, originating from a multitude of factors.

Higher education institutions must chart a course through a new regulatory framework overseen by a new body that places students at the centre. Whilst this is reflective of the significant changes brought about by increased tuition fees and removal of the student number cap, there are a whole host of issues that must be navigated, and the associated risks managed.

We have undertaken analysis for the contents of higher education institutions’ strategic risk registers. Whilst risk management can never prevent a risk from materialising, it can, and does, help to understand possible causes and impacts and to plan the necessary controls and contingencies. We have produced a detailed report of our analysis along with some key considerations for risks to your higher education institution over the following areas.

  • Organisational factors
  • Estates
  • Student numbers and satisfaction
  • People
  • Regulation and legal
  • IT
  • Teaching and quality
  • Brexit, internationalisation, visas and immigration
  • Assessments
  • Relationships and reputation
  • Research
  • Institutional / programme specific

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