Global mobility

Dealing with the tax affairs of international assignees over multiple jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming. Many employers also struggle to manage relationships with a variety of local providers in different countries. With our united international network, we offer comprehensive joined up expatriate services.

International workforces: Are you using an Employer of Record?

29 July 2022

With international remote working becoming increasingly common, the use of an Employer of Record (EOR) is now more commonplace. What is an EOR and does this mitigate all risks for the UK company / employer?

Do you have UK employees travelling for business trips to the US?

21 June 2022

UK companies with business visitors from overseas group companies will have just submitted their Appendix 4 Short Term Business Visitor report to HMRC to meet the 31 May deadline. But what about UK employees undertaking business trips to the USA?

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Ukraine crisis: Do you have employees displaced to the UK

25 May 2022

HMRC has issued an update concerning the Ukraine crisis and the tax and social security implications for employees displaced to the UK. It primarily covers Ukrainian employees, but could also include employees currently working in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

NIC post Brexit update - France

26 January 2022

HMRC have issued a notification that may impact employees who were posted to work in France before 31 December 2020 and are looking to extend the period that they continue to pay UK social security. Read more to see how this may affect your organisation.

National Insurance Contributions and the globally mobile employee

29 October 2021

Following Brexit, the social security landscape is stabilising as we get used to the new rules. Here we give an overview of the different rules employers need to be aware of.

Non-resident directors of UK companies and the tax implications

29 July 2021

It is quite common for UK companies to have overseas-based individuals on the UK board. With the anticipated relaxation of travel restrictions and the return of the in-person board meeting, now is a good time to check your compliance processes.

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UK employees working in Europe post Brexit

26 March 2021

Pre-Brexit employers will have been used to the free movement of people. In a post-Brexit environment what other considerations do employers need to think about apart from tax and social security?

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Social security and Brexit: new rules for globally mobile employees and actions for employers

09 February 2021

After many months of speculation, the UK and the EU finally agreed a post-Brexit trade agreement to apply from 1 January 2021 onwards. An important component of the post-Brexit UK/EU trade agreement is the rules around social security contributions for employees who spend time working across the EU.

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Social security and Brexit: what’s likely to change and how should employers prepare?

16 November 2020

Despite the Brexit transition period ending on 31 December, there is still much uncertainty regarding if a ‘deal’ will be reached and what, if any, final agreed position will be post 1 January 2021.

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What is a permanent establishment and how do you know if you have one?

28 October 2020

Employees returning to work in their home countries because of the coronavirus pandemic might present their employers with local tax risks. One risk is the creation of a permanent establishment.

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Global mobility at a crossroads: what is the future for business travel?

31 July 2020

Lockdown has given many mobile employees time to consider their ‘ordinary’ working patterns. There has been a demand for increased flexibility in working arrangements, creating new challenges for HR teams and tax professionals.

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