Governance, Risk and Compliance - Do you have the right tools? Do you have Insight?

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Insight4GRC™ is RSM’s proprietary cost effective and powerful suite of governance, risk and compliance software products that can provide your school with the tools needed to monitor and control performance, assess organisational risks and effectiveness of controls, track assigned actions, enable employee awareness and facilitate policy acceptance.

The Insight4GRC™ suite is cloud based, offering instant updating, interrogation and monitoring - making use of interactive dashBoards and user defined reports. Insight4GRCTM is used by over 200 organisations providing you with a complete picture of your school governance risk and compliance environment at the touch of a button.


Powerful and flexible risk management system

4risk™ is a flexible risk and business assurance management information software system that enables an organisation to monitor and measure its overall exposure to risk and examine the effectiveness of its control environment.

4risk™ risk management system will provide you with a complete picture of your organisation’s risk, mitigation and assurance profile enabling the establishment of enterprise-wide risk management, no matter the size of your organisation or number of locations.


Action tracking and recommendation system

4action™ is a powerful action tracking software tool that gives individuals the ability to be assigned and update the status of their actions – thus ensuring that managers always have a complete picture of the status of all agreed tasks and actions across the whole organisation, strengthening accountability, visibility and achievement of desired outcomes.

4action™ is an extensive reporting facilities and the ability to set target dates and automatic notifications for the individuals responsible for actions help ensure administrators have a complete picture of the status of all agreed tasks and management actions.


Employee policy management software

4policies™ enables organisations to deploy their policies and procedures to employees, identify levels of awareness and crucially record their acceptance of these policies and procedures thereby reducing likelihood of non-compliance and potential exposure to operational and legal risks.

4policies™ policy management software enables you to educate your employees on your school policies and procedures, identify levels of awareness and crucially record their acceptance of these policies.

Your key school policies can easily be displayed to your employees and their understanding of them monitored through the extensive reporting facilities built into the software.


Performance management and reporting

4performance™ gathers information from across the organisation and enables management teams to monitor the performance and general ‘health’ of the business so that management time can be invested where it is most needed.

4performance™ uses a simple traffic light display (red, amber and green) to give a quick visual indicator of your organisational situation at any given time. The easy-to understand system draws attention to particular issues and focuses decisions on any critical aspects which are affecting day-to-day operations – enabling you to invest management time where it is most valuable. 

For further information visit our website, or to arrange a demonstration of our Insight4GRC suite please contact Matt Humphrey.