Future proof your school

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Independent schools are facing an unprecedented level of challenge and uncertainty. While you cannot plan for the unknown, you can ensure that your school is in the best position to face its challenges head-on.

We have produced a Governance, Risk and Control best practice guide to assist schools in assessing their own stability and resilience, to equip you with the tools you need to move forward with confidence. Our guide focuses on four key areas: 

Do you have the right skills?

Do you have the necessary skills on your Board of Governors to meet the increasing challenges ahead? And is your Board operating effectively? 

Are you looking at the right risks? 

Is the Board focused on the right things? 

What assurance do you need? 

How do you know you know your risks are being effectively managed? 

Do you have the right tools? 

Do you have access to reliable and timely risk and control management information? 

Independent School Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC) maturity self-assessment

To self-assess the Governance and Risk Compliance maturity of your school, we have created a brief questionnaire. This will ensure that you are thinking about the right things for the future of your school, as well as providing an honest assessment on where any potential problem areas lie ahead.

More so than ever, Independent Schools need to equip themselves both strategically and operationally to face their external challenges. Using RSM’s guide, you can critically assess your own governance, risk and compliance arrangements to ensure that you have the skills and tools needed to run your business effectively and future proof your school.'

David Woodgate, Chief Executive, ISBA 

Future proof your school

Future proof your school

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