Four key steps to practical development of assurance arrangements

There are four key steps to developing board assurance arrangements. As with any academy, a critical success factor is to ensure they are fit for purpose and deliver on expectations for academy staff, management, local governing body and the board to be engaged.

We have outlined the four key steps below and would encourage all academies to use as a handy checklist. 

  1.  Understanding
    • Focus and scope
    • Assurance
    • Strategy
    • Risk
  2. Methodology
    • Approach
    • Assurance source and type 
    • First, second and third line of assurance 
    • Assurance effectiveness 
  3. Implementation
    • Management engagement 
    • Communication
    • Templates and tools 
    • Clarity in terminology
    • Clear accountabilities 
  4. Information
    • Analysis of data
    • Management information
    • Monitor and maintain 

Effective communication and consultation are vital throughout each of the aforementioned steps. Within our toolkit we explain each step in further detail and a summarising board assurance preparedness assessment. 

Click here to download your copy of our academy toolkit.