Prepare for the regular changes in the legislation through our series of webinars exploring some of the key issues affecting employers.

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New termination payments – key tax and legal implications

From 6 April 2018, the Government introduced a series of legislative reforms to termination payments. Lee Knight and Charlie Barnes discuss the technical changes and the practical implications, particularly in relation to post-employment notice pay, helping you to be compliant with these challenging new rules

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Fraud risk

Payroll and the GDPR – Mitigating risks through commercial contracts

In this webinar our Commercial Legal Director, Sarah Reynolds covers how organisations can manage their GDPR liabilities when using outsourced service providers for HR and payroll processes. 

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HMRC employer compliance reviews

Income tax and NIC make up 44 per cent of UK tax receipts, so it’s hardly surprising HMRC has increased its reviews of employers’ records. In this webinar Deborah Parks Green covers some of the things employers should review in preparation.

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employment matters

Payrolling of benefits in kind

In this webinar Lee Knight will highlight the practical implications of payrolling benefits, helping employers considering payrolling to make the right choice, and those employers already payrolling to identify their obligations under the framework.

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technology risk

GDPR for workforce data and getting your people data GDPR ready

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and new UK Data Protection law coming soon, are you confident in the management of your workforce data within the new regime? This webinar gives an overview of what steps organisations need to take.

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legal services

Employment legalisation changes update

In this webinar our Head of Client Legal Services, Carolyn Brown covers legal employment legislation changes including employment status cases and consultations, the equal pay impact of gender pay gap reporting and recent employment law cases.

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The performance management benefits of having fit for purpose employment contracts

Since the abolition of tribunal fees in July 2017, the number of employment tribunal claims made has risen dramatically. As awareness grows claims are likely to continue. This webinar shows how having a fit for purpose contracts can minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims. 

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National Minimum Wage compliance tips and traps

Whilst paying NMW may seem straightforward, it is far more complex than it seems. There are a number of factors which affect whether you pay NMW and it is easy for genuine errors to be made. This webinar gives information on some of the common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them.

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Technical update seminar image

Benefits and pitfalls of a combined HR and payroll solution

Managing your employee administration is a business critical task. The UK’s comprehensive employment, payroll and data protection legislation requirements mean that employers can’t afford to be complacent when carrying out workforce administration. This webinar covers the benefits of having a combined HR and payroll system.

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