Customs duty rules are changing - are you ready?

1 May 2016 will see the implementation of the new Union Customs Code (UCC) which aims to modernise the current EU customs law, introducing widespread changes to the EU customs environment.

Are you an importer or exporter? If so action should be taken now to ensure the implications are understood and steps are taken to minimise cash and cost impact, whilst remaining compliant. This webinar will highlight the important changes and help you answer the following questions.

  *   How will changes in the UCC impact your business and what do you need to do before May 2016?
  *   Do you pay the correct amount of duty to HMRC?
  *   Do you take full advantage of available reliefs to reduce your duty costs?
  *   Do you defer payment of customs duty where possible?
  *   Crucially, who in your business is responsible for ensuring that customs duty is correct?

Watch the webinar to understand the implications, remain compliant and minimise the cost impact.