Building the Future

Building the Future 2021

After riding out the first national lockdown caused by the pandemic, construction firms faced new uncertainties. Although the sector showed resilience and is deemed central to this Government’s economic recovery plan, the perfect storm of uncertain long-term pipelines, supply chain disruption and uncertainty caused by a lack of clarity on trade with the EU from 1 January have resulted in headwinds for the sector.

Business models that used to work well have encountered challenges as shareholder pressures, shifting consumer priorities and increasing international competition lead to new tensions.

In an uncertain world, vigilance is key. The sector must be ready for challenges or face decline. To remain fit for the future, businesses need to innovate, streamline processes, harness technology and attract skilled workers. Strategies must adapt.


Building the Future 2022

The construction sector must continually innovate to meet the changing needs and priorities of consumers. This is essential, especially against an economic backdrop of supply chain issues, difficulties in attracting and retaining labour, and skill shortages.

However, the sector is resilient and uniquely placed to shape the world of the future. Through the use of new technology and data-driven solutions, it will future-proof itself and our built environment. 

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Managing risk - knowing your supply chain

Supply chain management is an important element of your construction organisation. We give you tips on knowing your supply chain.
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Building the future supply chain
Building the future efficiency

Improving efficiency in construction 

When formulating a construction project, it’s important to consider the operational and cost efficiencies. Here’s what you should be thinking about.
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Future-proofing your business and workforce

Construction companies have a host of human resource challenges. In this article we explain more about future proofing your workforce.
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Building the future future proofing
Building the future innovation

Transforming construction with data and technology

Innovation is becoming essential for transformation in the industry. How are data and technology creating efficiencies in large scale projects?
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Assessing the working capital impact of the Domestic Reverse Charge

The Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT will have a big impact on the Construction sector. Read on to see what you need to know and how to prepare for these changes.
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Construction sector IR35 reforms CIS update

How the IR35 reforms interact with the Construction Industry Scheme

The new IR35 off payroll reforms could lead to big changes in employment tax liability, read more to find out what steps to take.

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Supply chain management and risk

Construction businesses importing materials from the EU post-Brexit have seen significant disruption. Find out how to prioritise supply chain management.

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Supply Chain management
Apprenticeships in construction

Using apprenticeships to boost your access to talent 

There are more apprenticeships in construction than any other sector. As access to EU workers changes and with recent levy changes, is now the time to overhaul your apprenticeship strategy?
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Future proofing governance and financial reporting 

Changes to UK financial and governance reporting are coming to rebuild public confidence in business. Read on to find out the proposed changes. 

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Construction financial reporting
Mental health and wellbeing in the construction industry

Driving digital and mental health wellbeing in the construction sector

RSM has conducted research into mental health and wellbeing in the construction industry. Read on to find out the current situation, challenges faced and ways to improve. 

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