Building the future

The construction sector must continually innovate to meet the changing needs and priorities of consumers. This is essential, especially against an economic backdrop of supply chain issues, difficulties in attracting and retaining labour, and skill shortages.

However, the sector is resilient and uniquely placed to shape the world of the future, particularly through the creation and development of smart infrastructure and smart cities.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the sector can turn its focus to the challenge of the climate crisis. Through the use of new technology and data-driven solutions, it will future-proof itself and our built environment. 

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The supply chains that bind: The infrastructure of the future

In 2018, the UK received 1.5 per cent of its Construction goods and services from Russia  The supply chain had weakened under the strain of coronavirus, and that, in one example, had ensured Russian birch ply was already on its way to becoming phenomenally expensive. Birch ply is now only one item on a long list of other Russian exports the construction industry relies on – most notably oil and natural gas.
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Modern methods of construction and ESG

We look at the current and emerging trends, and how ESG requirements are driving innovation in construction methods. 
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The way we’ll live then: Constructing smart cities

Smart cities demand new solutions and a data-literate workforce to reap the benefits of rapid change. There are challenges to be overcome, and huge rewards for those willing to take them on. 
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Construction risk management and the ‘license to operate’ framework

Introducing our ‘license to operate’ framework, which sets out the key requirements for ensuring that business risks are managed effectively, and its specific application to the construction sector.
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Data management and the construction sector

Data can be used beyond day-to-day operations to maximise profits and efficiency, but great data management needn’t be time-consuming or expensive. We explain how you can see results from your data planning at the outset. 
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Building the Future 2021

How did the country's first national lockdown, caused by the pandemic, effect the construction sector? 

In an uncertain world, vigilance is key. To remain fit for the future, businesses need to innovate, streamline processes, harness technology and attract skilled workers. Strategies must adapt.

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