Understanding your business’s supply chain is imperative when faced with changes to customs duties, greater regulation, the potential subsequent delays to goods and services, and the ability of a business to trade.

Have you considered the impact of Brexit and other global factors and disruptions on your supply chain?

Trade considerations beyond Brexit

Have you mapped your supply chain?

Supply chain mapping and review - Mapping upstream and downstream supply chains to identify and mitigate potential risks, look for efficiencies and over-reliance strategies on single source suppliers. 

Does your planning match the possible scenarios?

Tax planning and advice - Tax advice and planning to support your strategies for leveraging opportunities and mitigating risks. 

Do you need to update your contracts to achieve your business plan?

Contracts and negotiations - Negotiate changes to and update existing contracts with suppliers and employees. 

What are the key risks to your business?

Impact assessments and stress testing - Run impact assessments and stress test forecasts and financial modelling to highlight key areas for concern. 

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50 per cent of mid-market businesses are yet to map their supply chain and how it could be impacted by Brexit.