Brexit - determining your direction

Brexit - time to plan

Brexit related uncertainty continues and many middle-market business leaders are understandably concerned about the impact of such uncertainty. 

As the Brexit process continues, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments that may affect your business. We will offer commentary on the facts as they appear and avoid unnecessary speculation. Middle-market businesses now have to determine their own direction and take measured and pragmatic planning actions. 

Look out for insights on the critical areas of taxation, strategic business planning, talent and people matters, as well as regulatory impacts and trade deal announcements.

Brexit - determining your direction

Brexit will have a far-reaching impact for many businesses. Bringing both uncertainty and new opportunities, middle market businesses must start planning for any eventuality. We outline five areas that businesses should begin examining as part of their preparations.

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Brexit key considerations
Brexit Monitor

RSM Brexit Monitor

How is the middle market faring as the UK enters one of the most uncertain and volatile operating environments since the global economic collapse?

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What you need to know

The UK is in an unprecedented position – no other member state has left the EU before. Discover more about the Brexit process and key government announcements.
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Brexit what you need to know