Months after the UK made the historic vote for Brexit there is still little clarity on what shape our future relationship with the EU will take. Just as there was some sense of the direction Brexit might take, the High Court ruling that the government will need parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50 has taken us back to square one: question marks now remain over whether the UK will Brexit at all. 

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    Brexit - Food and drink

    Could Brexit help boost the leisure and tourism industry?

    If the UK negotiates a deal with the EU similar to the Canadian model, ie a customs union, how it operates VAT would no longer be subject to EU law. 

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    Made in UK image

    Infrastructure forecast

    The infrastructure market performs best in a stable political and economic landscape, but the sector has now been plunged into an era of major uncertainty following the Brexit vote. This will have far-reaching consequences, from funding risks to the deliverability of major projects. 

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    Budget sector article 2

    How has retail reacted to Brexit?

    For retailers with the right strategies in place, the long term outlook post-Brexit perhaps doesn’t look as bad as expected. So what are the key issues retailers need to focus on and prepare for moving forward? 

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    How has Brexit impacted higher education research funding?

    Ahead of Brexit there were concerns about whether the UK could hold on to its research reputation if it voted to leave the EU. But in recent weeks a series of announcements have been made that will go some way to allay these fears.

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    Brexit  -professional services

    Professional services outlook

    With every challenge comes an opportunity. Firms that review their position early and revisit their strategy to fit the new situation could find they have a long and sustainable future. 

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    Brexit - Leisure and hospitality

    Hotels and leisure: a bright future?

    Hotel and leisure operators could experience an exchange rate-fuelled boon as holidaymakers from overseas take advantage of the increased spending power afforded by a weaker sterling.

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    Brexit - rural

    Rural policy key to exit talks

    It is important to take a deep breath and remain calm. We have a strong rural economy in the UK with some great products that are in demand globally.

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    Brexit - Manufacturing

    Manufacturers face uncertainty

    UK manufacturers now face a period of major uncertainty. No one knows how long this will hang over the country, and for business leaders uncertainty always leads to risk.

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    Brexit - Pensions

    Pension pressures

    Trustees will need to take a step back and consider the implications on their investment strategy, paying careful attention to short-term market volatility and changing market conditions.

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    Brexit - real estate

    Real estate aftershocks

    Until the financial markets have settled and the international business community have had some time to consider their position, the future of the real estate market will continue to be uncertain.  

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    Brexit - TMT

    Will the UK remain a TMT hub?

    What is certain is that businesses in this space are resilient and will adapt to whatever the wider economy, and indeed a potential Brexit impact, has to throw at them. 

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    Brexit - private equity

    Spotlight on private equity

    Like other forms of investment, private equity can be highly effective in times of uncertainty. While the market is yet to find the next new normal, the opportunistic and the most experienced funds will be as active as ever.

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    Brexit - Health

    More change for the NHS

    The health sector can expect more change, more challenge and more uncertainty. In the NHS, this could be a description of business as usual.

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    Brexit - Transport

    Transport impacts

    Oil is sold around the world in US dollars, so a weakened sterling could have a profound impact on fuel prices, which would have immediate consequences for transport companies’ profits, whether they are airlines, shipping, haulage or distributors.

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