Board assurance: a toolkit for health sector organisations

Assurance is a fundamental element of good governance. The provision of healthcare involves risk and being assured is a major factor in successfully controlling risk. Assurance is the bedrock of evidence that provides confidence that risk is being controlled effectively, or conversely, highlighting if certain controls are ineffective or where there are gaps that need to be addressed.

A board assurance framework (BAF) brings together in one place all of the relevant information on the risks to the board’s strategic objectives. It is an essential tool for boards, but like all tools it needs to be used with skill and diligence.

Our board assurance toolkit for health sector organisations, developed in conjunction with NHS Providers, provides boards with the means to identify whether their BAF remains fit for purpose and if not, to change it to conform to the current best practice. It provides an effective methodology for boards to help them use their BAF productively so that they have real confidence that they are providing thorough oversight of strategic risk. We hope that it will be essential reading for those who specialise in the field of risk and assurance as well as company secretaries and chairs.

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