Audit and finance committee best practice guide

Our charity survey findings report offers advice on how to run effective committees including bench-marking figures to compare your organisation against others in the sector to avoid red warning lights. Following this publication our specialists have produced a technical handbook aimed to help charities set up effective audit committees and ensure all lights are green.

The guide examines the areas below and includes best practice examples and self-assessments:

  • setting up an effective committee;
  • remaining fit for purpose – how to assess effectiveness;
  • maximising value – setting a clear agenda;
  • assessing external and internal audit performance, including auditor performance checklist;
  • an illustrative committee report;
  • committee effectiveness additional questions; and
  • key lines of enquiry for an audit committee. 
'RSM has compiled a handbook that aims to help charities set up effective audit committees. This practical tool will serve as a helpful reference point, even for charities that have good governance. I wholeheartedly endorse it.'

Sarika Patel, trustee and audit committee chair at the Royal Institution

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