Anti-money laundering

There has been a renewed focus on defending against money laundering and terrorist financing in recent years by the Government. January saw the launch of a new watchdog within the FCA, to help improve standard across professional bodies, and it is just one of the ways the Government are putting an emphasis on awareness of financial crime and ways to defend against it. 

Explain your wealth or have it seized

Anyone might think that London is awash with ‘dodgy’ money. The popularity of the BBC’s recent McMafia series combined with recent stories about a host of wealthy Russians pleading with the Kremlin to be allowed to return home without fear of prosecution, all give credence to this perception that some international business people who owe their wealth to corruption or other kinds of illegal activity, and they have then settled in London where they are able to live the high life without fear. But is this true?

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Charities audit and finance committee effectiveness

Action needed by trusts to comply with beneficial owner register requirements

As part of the UK implementation of the EU's 4th Directive on money laundering, a beneficial ownership register for trusts has been introduced by HMRC. The register will not be public at this stage, but access to the register will be granted to various authorities including the National Crime Agency and financial intelligence units in the EEA states.

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Beyond the balance sheet

Over the past decade, there’s been a major shift in our understanding of what it means to be a well-run organisation. Financial metrics are no longer the only yardsticks of success. Read more about how good governance should be top of mind and explore best practice tips.

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Beyond the balance sheet