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July’s UK food and drink exports down 3.7 per cent on last year
Stuart McCallum

21 September 2021

The UK exported nearly £21.4bn globally for the 12 months to December 2020 so is there a chance that parity could be achieved in the 12 months to December 2021 despite the Brexit related issues that the sector has faced?

Remuneration reporting: the impact of the Corporate Governance Code
Carolyn Brown

17 September 2021

The FRC has published research on a sample of FTSE 350 companies to show the impact of the new provisions and principles on directors’ remuneration, outlined by the UK Corporate Governance Code. We have summarised those key findings here.

Tax Voice – September 2021
David Barton

17 September 2021

The latest edition of Tax Voice outlines a range of tax related issues including the impacts hybrid working has on the permanent workplace, how changing accounting year-end could help the Treasury, OECD digital platform reporting rules, whether furnished holiday lets are a good alternative, new uncertain tax treatments reporting requirements for large businesses and the apprenticeship levy.

Apprenticeship levy – are you paying when you should and are you connected?
Susan Ball

17 September 2021

The apprenticeship levy was introduced in April 2017 and little has changed in relation to when it applies since then. However, it still seems to catch some employers out.

HMRC consults on implementing OECD digital platform reporting rules
Philip Munn

17 September 2021

The UK government has announced that it will be implementing the OECD’s Model Reporting Rules for Digital Platforms, which derive from the ongoing G20/OECD tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project. This means that, from January 2023, UK based digital platform providers will be required to report information to HMRC about the income of workers and sellers based anywhere in the world that are using their platforms, with the aim of enabling HMRC and other tax authorities to detect and tackle tax compliance failures.

Money for nothing? How proposals for changing year-ends could help the Treasury
Andrew Robins

17 September 2021

Working out how and when to tax trading profits subject to income tax is a tricky business. Partnerships, LLPs and sole traders produce annual accounts with different year ends and the tax system has historically tried to accommodate this, with mixed results.

Are furnished holiday lets a good alternative?
Andrew Robins

17 September 2021

As we begin to venture back out into the world, holidays in the UK become increasingly popular and many landlords are considering making the switch from conventional long-term property letting to furnished holiday letting (FHL). We can’t tell you whether such a move will increase rental profits, but we provide a flavour of the tax implications for individuals to consider.

New uncertain tax treatments reporting requirement for large businesses
Suze McDonald

17 September 2021

HMRC published draft legislation for consultation on 20 July 2021, which sets out how it intends for large businesses, in certain circumstances, to notify details of uncertain tax treatments they have adopted in relation to corporation tax, income tax (including tax accounted for through PAYE) and VAT.

Permanent workplace – the impact of hybrid working
David Williams-Richardson

17 September 2021

Homeworking has been a feature of working arrangements for many during the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst many organisations are now seeing staff return to their traditional workplaces, the coronavirus pandemic has rapidly accelerated a move towards hybrid working - working that allows employees to split their time between attending a traditional workplace (such as an office) and working remotely (for example from home). In some cases, employers have additionally decided that certain groups of employees can become full time homeworkers without the need to visit an office.

Health and social care levy: The impact on business owners
Chris Etherington

16 September 2021

The new health and social care levy also affects the self-employed and those who operate their businesses via companies. It’s therefore important for business owners to understand the impact of the new rules and the impact on taxes.