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Omicron variant could cause further supply chain disruption
Mike Thornton

03 December 2021

Looking ahead the new omicron variant presents a significant concern for manufacturers as it could further escalate supply chain disruption with global lockdowns. Read on for what the implications could be on the supply chain.

Trading subsidiaries – considerations for charities with a group structure
Nick Sladden

02 December 2021

We are seeing many charitable groups reconsider their corporate structures, and whether they remain fit for purpose in the post-pandemic era. This article sets out areas for consideration by both Trustees and charitable subsidiary directors as a result.

The coronavirus job retention scheme – should you review your claims?
Susan Ball

02 December 2021

The coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS) ended on 30 September 2021, and HMRC’s specialist unit has now increased its checks on claims made under the scheme. Please read our article to find out what employers should be doing in regard to the end of CJRS and find out the common mistakes when calculating your CJRS claim.

Could you identify VAT fraud across your supply chain and what are the risks if you don’t?
Scott Harwood

02 December 2021

Fraud and a failure to account for VAT is evidently widespread. Perhaps this is unsurprising given its complexities and its self-declaratory nature. Charities exist in one of the more complex areas of VAT accounting, so increasing their exposure. Please read our article to find out how to maintain good processes to reduce the risk of fraud.

Why charities should review their finance processes and accounting software
Steven MacDonald

02 December 2021

Charities have often relied on older systems which don’t have the capabilities to track spend appropriately, control what’s being purchased and report levels of spend. Read on to find out why charities should review their finance processes and accounting software.

Charity matters
Nick Sladden

02 December 2021

Charity matters is a regular publication on current issues within the charity sector. Read our insights in our third edition of Charity Matters.

Health Matters
Audrey Fearing

01 December 2021

Read our insights across the healthcare sector – NHS and public health, the private healthcare sector and life sciences.

Data analytics in the private healthcare sector
Sarah Belsham

30 November 2021

Read on to find out what the latest data analytics issues in the private healthcare sector.

What are the benefits of ERP for life sciences?
Steven MacDonald

30 November 2021

Life sciences companies can develop complex processes and requirements as they grow, but too often they continue using entry-level software solutions. Find out more on how ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) could help your organisation.

Government must step in to alleviate ‘huge operational pressures’ on suppliers and manufacturers
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

29 November 2021

It’s no surprise that the UK car production statistics saw another major dip in October. The huge operational burden on suppliers and manufacturers is only increasing as supply-chain disruption, component shortages and resource pressure continues.