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14 January 2017

Urgent non-dom changes from 5 April 2017
Karen Clark

Non-doms, from 5 April 2017, who are residents in the UK for 15 out of the last 20 years, will no longer be able to access the remittance basis of taxation.

Have you thought about inheritance tax?
Joan Foster

To help you to maximise the inheritance you leave it’s important to review what inheritance tax (IHT) could be payable, identify any exemptions and reliefs, and – crucially – plan ahead.

Tax planning for your property portfolio
Stuart McKinnon

Reviewing the tax changes which will occur between now and 2020 which could effect your residential property portfolio.

Thank you for downloading the private client compass

Thank you for downloading the private client compass

Navigating you through the tax landscape
Gary Heynes

As the UK tax system is as complex as ever before and the penalties for getting it wrong are at its most severe.

Download private client compass

Download the private client compass.

Audit: valuable or valueless?
Jonathan Ericson

12 January 2017

Following the introduction of a series of new audit regulations, we are once again asking: what is the value of audit and what is the role of an auditor?

Pension fraud: sleepwalking into a crisis
Ian Bell

13 January 2017

With the pension sector facing more challenges than ever before, our report looks to explore the growing threat of fraud and the impacts that this might have on schemes, members and third party administrators.

Eight big issues for retailers in 2017
Rupert Eastell

09 January 2017

After a year of mixed fortunes for the retail sector, we look ahead to the big issues that retail businesses will face in 2017.