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And so it’s really all happening
Rob Donaldson

25 January 2017

For tens of millions of people in the UK and US this is a dark time with unease, bewilderment and a sense of loss dominating their emotions. However for tens of millions of others this is time of new hope with a bright future where phrases such as we’ve ’taken back control’ and ’make America great again‘ resonate.

Watch the small print

25 January 2017

With HMRC’s response to the ‘Making Tax Digital’ consultation due any day now, one of the key issues it needs to address is security. HMRC has previously made it clear that responsibility for data security will be entirely the responsibility of third party software providers but will this provide adequate assurance for businesses and individuals?

Whose pension is it anyhow?

25 January 2017

We are now in an era of unprecedented pensions flexibility. Your right to take a pension is clearly some form of asset, so by not exercising that right you are in effect depriving yourself of cash in your own hands. But watch out, there could be a nasty inheritance trap lurking here…

We know how much tax reliefs cost. Which ones do we want to pay for?

25 January 2017

HMRC has recently published the most reliable estimates yet of the cost of all the main tax reliefs and exemptions. What is needed now is a broader debate as to the social ‘goods’ which the UK wishes to achieve through the tax system, and the price it is prepared to pay for these.

Weekly tax brief - 25 January 2017

25 January 2017

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments.

Tax penalties for deliberate errors rise six-fold

25 January 2017

New figures obtained by RSM under the Freedom of Information Act show a huge rise in penalties for those deemed to have deliberately understated their income. But is this new approach a sign of ‘penalty farming’ and are innocent people being unfairly penalised?

Seven big issues for travel and tourism in 2017
Ian Bell

18 January 2017

After a dramatic and unprecedented year, we look ahead to the big issues the travel and tourism sector will face in 2017.

What are the opportunities for the UK’s middle market?

25 January 2017

I think there are two major opportunities for the UKs middle market, the first is via the appreciation of Sterling that’s greater opportunities for trade due to significant changes in the terms of trade that means increased competitiveness for the UK middle-market firms.

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What can we expect from the first year of the Trump administration?

23 January 2017

From the first year of the Trump administration we expect to see two budgets and the repeal and delay of the affordable healthcare act.

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Christmas brings cheer for pub and restaurant chains

19 January 2017

The festive season brought a welcome sales uplift for Britain’s managed pub and restaurant groups.