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Energy costs for UK hotels have doubled in four years
Chris Tate

26 May 2022

Energy costs for the UK hotels sector in 2022 have doubled in four years, according to the RSM Hotels Tracker.

Coronavirus and the future of the gender pay gap
Kerri Constable

25 May 2022

The pandemic has slightly widened the UK’s gender pay gap, according to recent statistics, but that’s not the whole story. Coronavirus was a setback, but not a devastating one. What can employers do now to pick up momentum again?

P11D and benefit in kind reporting – it’s almost that time of year again
Lee Knight

25 May 2022

As we approach the end of the tax year, employers may be starting to think about preparing P11Ds for employees. As benefit in kind rules are complex, it is crucial that employers are compliant and, where appropriate, make use of payrolling opportunities.

Employment status: No further clarity any time soon
Carolyn Brown

25 May 2022

Employment law still changes almost daily, but mainly by case law and so much less visible. ‘Working status’ is often covered in case law, and here our People Advisory Services’ experts cover three recent cases.

Ukraine crisis: Do you have employees displaced to the UK
Joanne Webber

25 May 2022

HMRC has issued an update concerning the Ukraine crisis and the tax and social security implications for employees displaced to the UK. It primarily covers Ukrainian employees, but could also include employees currently working in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Forms P11D – a reminder of the approaching deadline
Simon Balaam

24 May 2022

Whilst this is a busy time with new tasks to tackle it is important that fundamentals such as P11D reporting are not overlooked.

The tax consequences of being generous
Fiona Bell

24 May 2022

It is heart-warming to see the number of business owners who want to reward loyal staff on significant events. They think it's a gift. HMRC sees it as potential tax avoidance.

Tax voice - May 2022

20 May 2022

The latest edition of Tax voice outlines a range of tax related issues including: Important consultations on OECD/G20 pillar two proposals ; Unprecedented levels of taxpayer debt ; Cash flow savings ideas for VAT; and Non-domiciled status – the facts.

Non-domiciled status - the facts
Andrew Robins

20 May 2022

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of stories and commentary in the media on the subject of tax and domicile. These have included the UK tax status of Russian oligarchs, Rishi Sunak’s wife, Sajid Javid and South African billionaires.

Unprecedented levels of taxpayer debt
Suze McDonald

20 May 2022

The UK National Audit Office report ‘Managing the tax debt through the pandemic’ sets out the its assessment of how HMRC has managed the rapid escalation in the level of debt owed by taxpayers during the coronavirus pandemic and whether it has adapted sufficiently to the changing nature and scale of that debt.