HR services

We are on an exciting journey. We are growing our presence across the UK and helping our clients solve ever-more complex challenges.


Video transcript

RSM HR is a group of HR professionals who are looking to give our clients the virtual HR department or some spot support for lack of skill or lack of capacity in internal HR teams. 

Clients looking for the benefit of HR advice would be looking to fill the gaps in skill, or the gaps in capacity where they know what they’re doing but they don’t quite have the ability to do it – to get the most out of their staff, who are their greatest asset. 

At RSM HR, the exciting piece of our journey at the moment is the fact that we are growing. We’re looking to put more national presence into the country, so as well as Newcastle, Devon and the in-between that we are already covering, we’ll be looking at putting other people into the big cities within the UK so that we can give our clients that local presence wherever they are. 

Getting under the skin of what makes clients tick is what HR consultants like to get involved with. As we’re dealing with more and more clients with complex natures, then they are getting involved in much more of the work that they enjoy doing, which filters all the way down into the rest of the consulting group. 

I like working at RSM HR because we’re getting involved in the detail. We also get involved in the strategy, and we do something that people care about. I’m a people-person so working in an environment where our work affects people is something that I like.